Illustrations for the Barranquilla City Zoo, regarding a project that encourages school teachers of the city to make their classes inside the zoo.

Commissioned painting.
A Punk Couple.

Flyer for the Canción Canción series of small, and intimate concerts in Bogotá, Colombia.
Commissioned by Poliedro and Chucky García.

This is Lebranchón surfer god of Pradomar-

Illustration for Magdalena Boards

La Roya
Tropical Disco @Quilla Bich
Quilla Bich

Nomads on Music
Watercolor/ Ink on Paper.

A commissioned graffiti whale. Actually a sperm-whale.
Mixing urban and natural concepts.
Ink, watercolor, gouache on paper.
25 x 35 cm.

Illustration for Canary Press Magazine.
Burrowing is a story by author Chris Evans

Illustrations for a report about sexual orientation discrimination in schools, for IDB (Inter-American Development Bank)
Commissioned by Sentiido.

I was commissioned to do 30 watercolor pieces for an artshow in Singapore with a very peculiar topic: Stories from the Bible.
The main challenge for me was to show the depth of the stories in a powerful and truly innovative way.

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