A commissioned graffiti whale. Actually a sperm-whale.
Mixing urban and natural concepts.
Ink, watercolor, gouache on paper.
25 x 35 cm.

Illustration for Canary Press Magazine.
Burrowing is a story by author Chris Evans

Illustrations for a report about sexual orientation discrimination in schools, for IDB (Inter-American Development Bank)
Commissioned by Sentiido.

I was commissioned to do 30 watercolor pieces for an artshow in Singapore with a very peculiar topic: Stories from the Bible.
The main challenge for me was to show the depth of the stories in a powerful and truly innovative way.

More images here

Chapipeople Series.
About people that I see on the streets of Chapinero, and the way I see them.
MIX-media on paper.

3 illustrations I made for LOWE WORLDWIDE advertising agency in Singapore.

Art direction by: ET & ASH.

The illustrations were for a campaign of a product that defies the pass of time on fabrics You know, something like times passes, color never fades.

Finalist of the 2010 Artist Collaboration contest for Adidas Originals in Colombia. :)

The utopia comes to reality when two imaginay places join in a new lively and thrilling scenario.

This is the set of illustrations that I submit to the Gracias Por Pensar En Mi (thanks for thinking of me) exhibition in the Museum of the Caribbean. Barranquilla, Colombia. February 2010.
The idea was to create a new modern utopia out of a place which may be never be considered suitable fro any utopian consideration.

Dinero is a well established business magazine in Colombia.

Linel hernández was one of my art history students.One day she told me (with her fantastic dominican-spanglish-accent) that her husband Camz was a singer, and that he was looking for an artist who could illustrate the booklet of his debut record "Sed de Libertad" (Thirst for freedom)
She introduced me to Camz, and he decided to hire me for the job. Lucky me they love so much the images that they also bought the original watercolours for their private collection.
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